It is important to be active and social throughout your life and this is especially true after being diagnosed with onset dementia. You may find it difficult to enjoy the things you once did before, but there are some creative ways to stay active and social in your older years.

Get Crafty

Crafts are always a fun activity, especially if you like to make things. This can be a great way to bond with family or friends while also digging into your creative side. Make things like scrapbooks, cards, gifts or fun decorations for the upcoming holidays.

Play Cards

Cards can be a terrific way to get your mind going and to have some fun being competitive. Plus, playing cards with others is a way to stay social. There are a variety of card games you can play so that you can continue to change things up and work your brain.


Just like playing cards, puzzles can really make your mind work, which is a good thing! Enjoy putting a puzzle together alone or with friends, it is always a great feeling once it is put together. Puzzles can give you a feeling of accomplishment and is fun at the same time!

Enjoy the Music!

Music is something that will stay in your life forever. If you are still up for it, hitting the dance floor is another activity that is encouraged. Dancing can keep you physically active and is a fun way to mingle with others. Music also helps bring back memories. You could even go the next level and learn to play a new instrument, which is a great cognitive training exercise!

Don’t Forget…

Be social! It is important to stay in contact with friends and family. Make a habit to stay social and enjoy these activities with others.

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