Suffering from dementia is difficult and can cause unneeded anxiety, stress and confusion. To eliminate extra confusion and anxiety, sticking to a consistent routine is key!

Those with dementia have difficulty learning new things, so sticking to a routine is very beneficial to dementia patients. Daily and weekly routines can help patients keep up with selfcare and keep them from becoming disoriented.

Daily Routines

A daily routine should be followed each day from the very start of the day to the very end. This starts with waking up at the same time each morning, getting dressed each morning, followed by eating a balanced breakfast. The day should be filled with fun and stimulating activities that are scheduled at the same time each day. Evening routines are just as important, especially to prevent confusion, which is more common in the evening. Eating dinner at the same time followed by a routine of either watching television, reading a book or doing some activity that the patient finds enjoyable should take place at the same time each evening. Getting ready for bed should be another daily routine such as brushing teeth and getting in pajamas. Keep the routines simple and easy to follow.

Weekly Routines

On top of daily routines, weekly routines are also important. This means scheduling appointments and activities on the same day and at the same time each week. Many dementia patients need to attend meetings or appointments each week and keeping them at the same time will avoid confusion.

Benefits of Routines

There are many benefits of dementia patients sticking to routines. A routine will help dementia patients maintain physical and mental function along with awareness. Routines also prevent any extra anxiety, adding more confidence. Sticking to routines create a comfortable setting for all involved, including the caregiver. Working together to follow a consistent routine will lower stress in both the caregiver and patient.

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