A new study from the University of Sydney has been released showing that the inability to daydream is a risk for dementia patients.

We often assume that dementia patients are caught up in memories or thoughts, but usually these patients are stuck in the moment. When we think dementia patients are daydreaming, they are actually stuck in the moment often leading to the feeling of isolation. A blank mind is what dementia patients often report, where healthy minds allow their mind to wander and daydream. Don’t be afraid to interrupt to get them to refocus.

Those suffering from dementia can also see changes in their personality and behavior. These patients have the inability to reflect internally and can’t think about the future as they are usually fixed in the moment.

Knowing these things about dementia patients can hopefully help us understand their behavior and feelings. It can be difficult to really understand what is going on in the mind of those with dementia, causing frustration from all sides.

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