Clinical Neuropsychologist and Sports Psychologist


Dr. DenBoer is a leading neuropsychologist in the area of early-stage dementia detection. He specializes in developing intervention mechanisms to help prevent the further development of the dementia process. This has culminated in Dr. DenBoer’s development of the SMART memory program(see below). Dr. DenBoer is the founder and developer of the SMART memory program, a…


New Report Shows Dementia Deaths Have Doubled Since 2000

Dementia has been rising at an alarming rate for the last few years, causing patients to lose their quality of like along with their memory. Unfortunately, dementia can also be deadly. In fact, the National Center for Health Statistics recently released a new study with numbers showing that the number of deaths in the United…


The Importance of Dementia Patients Following Routines

Suffering from dementia is difficult and can cause unneeded anxiety, stress and confusion. To eliminate extra confusion and anxiety, sticking to a consistent routine is key! Those with dementia have difficulty learning new things, so sticking to a routine is very beneficial to dementia patients. Daily and weekly routines can help patients keep up with…