New Study Shows How Virtual Reality Can Help Dementia Patients

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A new study gives hopes to those with dementia. Dementia patients can improve their quality of life by using virtual reality to help recall special memories and happier times.

The University of Kent in the UK did a small study proving the great benefits of using virtual reality for those with dementia.

  • Patients were able to recall old memories
  • Due to being able to recall more, patients saw reduced aggression
  • This also help improve the patient’s interaction

Dementia patients wear a virtual reality headset placing them different environments which include a cathedral, a countryside, a forest, a sandy beach and a rocky beach. Being put in these environments helped patients tap into old memories.

When the dementia patients were able to recall memories, the positive mental stimulation helped patients talk with others about their past memories. It is important for dementia patients to remain social and this experiment showed that opening up about pleasant memories helped with that.

The research showed that patients enjoy reminiscing about memories. Virtual reality can also help patients boost their mood and motivate them to interact more.

The virtual reality headset can be customized to place patients in their favorite places to help them recall memories. With more research, the idea can be even better in the near future.

To check out more about the recent study, you can read the story here.

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