New Simulator Portrays What it is Like to Live With Dementia

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We recently discussed how the rise in technology has improved virtual reality, which can help those with dementia remember special times. Now, there is a simulator to help those that do not have dementia better understand what it is like to experience it.

I saw the story on a news channel about this experience that lasts about 5 minutes and it really intrigued me. “Dementia Live” is a simulator that recreates sensations that are often experienced by dementia patients.

In 5 minutes, you are asked to complete 4 different tasks while wearing glasses that black your peripheral, gloves where you are unable to feel things and headphones that creates confusion.

The idea behind this simulator is to raise awareness by others experiencing what it feels like to live day to day with cognitive issues. These 5 minutes wearing the simulator will give you the first-hand experience about what dementia patients feel and experience in their everyday life with cognitive issues. To read more about it, visit this news story.

If you or a loved one is experiencing cognitive issues, it could be early onset dementia. Contact us today to learn about our cognitive programs to help mitigate dementia up to 2.25 years.

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