Dementia Books: My Top 3 Picks

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Dementia is difficult, not only on the person experiencing it, but also to the loved ones. To help cope with a loved one with dementia, there are some helpful resources out there. I tend to love books to help me through a difficult time and these 3 books about dementia are my top picks for anyone dealing with a loved one experiencing dementia!

The 36-Hour Day

By Nancy L. Mace & Peter V. Rabins

This book was written as a resource for those helping loved ones through dementia. As a caregiver, there are many emotions to cope with and this book written by Nancy L. Mace and Peter V. Rabins will be a helpful resource on your journey. It also offers legal advice, which can be a subject that is often overlooked when it comes to dementia. This book can easily be found at a local book store or even online at Amazon.

Loving Someone Who Has Dementia: How to Find Hope While Coping with Stress & Grief

By: Pauline Boss

Of course, seeing a loved one go through something so traumatic as dementia can take a toll on you, causing extra stress and unwanted grief. This book by Pauline Boss will be able to help you deal with these emotions. As a guide, you can use this book to help you manage this stress and grief that is caused by witnessing a loved one fall into dementia.

Dancing with Elephants

By Jarem Sawatsky

This book takes a little bit of a different approach by adding humor and short stories to help those get through the idea of being diagnosed with dementia. These helpful insights from someone who was diagnosed with Huntington’s disease, has been a helpful resource for those who have been just diagnosed with dementia and to help them and their loved ones understand the process a little better.

Are you looking for some extra support while either experiencing dementia or caring for someone who has dementia? Contact us today to learn about our helpful resources including a support group!

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